65 Amps London

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This amps evolved from some of the mid sixties best low powered amplifiers. The 2xEL84, Cathode Biased, Class A sound is that of astonishing warmth, depth, harmonic richness all in a small package that allows big-amp sound on small stages or in the studio. 2 channels: the “Trem Channel” 12AX7 based with a single tone knob is the one for many classic British tones from Blues and Rock records. The “Color Channel” EF86 (pentode) based with a tone knob and 6-way color switch that adjusts the mid focus is reminiscent of the British Invasion sound until you push it hard via the Booster Switch and then it flips into ultra-rich, harmonic saturation that defines modern day boutique amplifiers.

We profiled this amazing amp with a 65 Amps 2×12 Cab equipped with one Celestion G12H30 and one Alnico Blue speakers.

This pack provides you a wide range of Kemper profiles seeking to re-create the sound and the real soul of this incredible amp.



22 STUDIO Profiles

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