8 Performances Pack Vol 6

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In this pack you’ll find:

8 fabulous Guitar Amplifiers

– PRS Archon
– Diezel D-Moll
– Diezel Herbert
– Diezel VH4
– Bogner Uberschall
– Friedman Runt 50
– Peavey 5150 1992
– Soldano Hot Rod 100 Plus

8 incredible Kemper Performances

8 amps…8 performances. Clean, soft crunch, crunch, rock, heavy…a wide range of tones. Just load these performances on your Kemper profiler and you are Ready to Play!!!

40 fabulous Studio Profiles

5 Kemper profiles for each amp professionally tweaked with reverbs, delays, etc. You can create your own performances and mix all the amps to feet your needs!

In this pack you’ll find 2 different folders containing the 8 performances and the 40 profiles…let’s rock!!!

This pack provides you a wide range of Kemper profiles and performances seeking to re-create the sound and the real soul of these great amps.



40 STUDIO profiles

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