Dodi Battaglia Pearls of the 90s

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Dodi Battaglia is the most famous Italian guitar player and is considered the greatest one!

A 50 year long career

More than 3.000 shows

He is the rhythm and lead guitarist for the legendary Italian band “Pooh”.

To re-create the sound he used in the 90s he’s teamed with Gaetano Simone, his sound tech, to profile the original gear.

In this pack you’ll find 17 Kemper Studio Profiles with effects seeking to re-create the sound of:

–  Triaxis Mesa Boogie Preamp 1996 Marshall JTM Power Amp

–  Bogner The Fish Preamp 1989 Marshall JTM Power Amp

–  Marshall 1960A Cab with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers

–  Mesa Boogie MK2C 1×12 Combo 1981 – Black Shadow 150w speaker


Microphone: Sennheiser MD421

This pack provides you a wide range of Kemper profiles seeking to re-create the sound of the 90s.

Sound Tech: Gaetano Simone




17 STUDIO profiles

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