MB Express 5:25



The MB Express pack seeks to re-create the sound of the Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 amp.

The original amp is very versatile. In low gain situations the amp is bright and clear with a solid bass and some glass on tap via the contour. You can get very close to the archtypical Fender glassy sound. The gained-up sound in crunch mode is Marshall-esque but not as bright or razzy unless the contour is turned way up. As you gain up, the high-end smoothly rolls down nad the sound smoothly begins to compress. The higher the gain, the more compression and sustain.

CH1: Clean – Strong and clear with a tiny bit of drive available past 2 o’clock on the gain.

CH2: Crunch – You begin with a great classic rock rhythm sound to the left of 12 o’clock on the gain. The amp compresses and the sound rounds out as you gain up. You can come very close to some of David Gilmour’s gainy lead sounds to the right of 12 o’clock. You can get more articulation as you bring up the contour.

CH3: Blues – Much like the Clean channel, you start with a sparkly clean sound to the left of 12 o’clock on the gain and move up to a Tejas blues drive on the right side.

CH4: Burn – This mode offers high gain, modern drive all the way across its gain dial.

This pack provides you a wide range of Kemper profiles seeking to re-create the sound and the real soul of this amplifier.



 45 DI profiles
 90 STUDIO profiles

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