Two Rock Mayer Schofield Bundle



This Bundle contains 2 amazing amps: The Matt Schofield 50 Signature and The Studio Pro 35.

Two-Rock raised the bar for their line of meticulously crafted amps with the Matt Schofield Signature head. This 50 watt head offers a massive range of options for players who want to achieve the same iconic blues tones as Schofield himself. Featuring a 3-band EQ of treble, mid and bass, boost switches can be engaged to take the amp sound from a mild, mellow clean tone to a full-driving lead tone.

Studio Pro series is known for its extraordinary clean headroom. The new expansion control allows an adjustable EQ bypass to the clean channel. This expansion function increases the amount of gain on the front end. From crystal clean sounds to liquid bluesy solos. This amp is one of the favorite of John Mayer.

We profiled these amazing amps with a Two Rock 1×12 cab loaded with 1 Two Rock 12-65B speaker.

This pack provides you a wide range of Kemper profiles seeking to re-create the sound and the real soul of these incredible amps.



40 STUDIO Profiles

Download 1 free rig


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