The Pink Wall Bundle

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We teamed with Mr. Cristian Henry Sementina, professional guitar player since 1994, to prepare this incredible bundle dedicated to all the Pink Floyd lovers!

18 Pink Floyd songs
17 incredible Kemper Performances
44 fabulous Kemper Profiles

– Breathe
– Comfortably Numb
– Coming back to life
– Run like hell
– Shine on you crazy diamond
– The Wall
– Time
– Us and them
– Money
– On the turning away
– In the flesh
– Mother
– Brain damage/Eclipse
– Sorrow
– Young lust
– Any colour you like
– What do you want from me

Great amplifiers and pedals:
– Cornford MK50H II
– Hiwatt DR103 (1974)
– Acus OFS 6
– Cornish SS3
– Xotic BB Preamp
– Paul Cochrane Timmy

Effects and profiles personally tweaked by: CRISTIAN HENRY SEMENTINA

This pack provides you a wide range of Kemper profiles and performances seeking to re-create the sound and the real soul of Pink Floyd.



43 STUDIO profiles
1 DI profile for acoustic guitar


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