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Michele Quaini is a famous Italian guitar player, teacher, session man and producer. He collaborates with the biggest Italian artists for live tours, studio sessions and TV shows.

We teamed with Michele to profile part of his wonderful vintage amps collection.

His professional studio, the O.U.T Side Studio, is one of the best in Italy to produce guitars.

In this pack you will find 33 incredible Kemper Studio Profiles seeking to re-create the sound of these amazing amps and cabs:

–  Marshall Plexi 1969 Marshall Cab 1969 4×12 Greenback speakers

–  Vox AC30 Combo 1961/62 (Original 2×12 Vox Jensen Speakers)

 Fender Blackface 1967 Combo (Original 4×10 Fender Speakers)

–  Vox AC30 Combo 1972 (Original 2×12 Celestion G12M Speakers)

–  Orange AD30 1980 Marshall Cab 1969 4×12 Greenback speakers

Gear used in the profiling session:
– Microphones: Shure SM57, Telefunken M81 and Royer 121

– Preamps: Chandler MKII, Neve 1073 and Neve 1081

– Boutique Pedals: Klon Centaur, Cornish SS3 and Cornish G2

You’ll find profiles optimized for single coils and humbuckers.

This pack provides you a wide range of Kemper profiles seeking to re-create the sound and the real soul of these incredible amps and pedals.



33 STUDIO profiles

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